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TERRA Salt Distributors is the leader in both bulk and bagged rock salt distribution throughout the Midwest. We also sell other non-sodium chloride based bagged deicers. No other company can help you prepare for the icy roads of winter as reliably and efficiently as TERRA. We are committed on delivering commercial grade salt at wholesale prices. TERRA services many industries including: chemical companies, snow removal outfits, landscaping companies, property management companies and many more. TERRA is dedicated to delivering long-term customer satisfaction by providing our clients with the highest quality commercial grade rock salt for all your deicing needs. TERRA will work with you to ensure that the product grade meets your company's expectations, and has complete faith our product will exceed your requirements for quality. We also have the expertise to make planning, storage, and delivery easier for you.

About Our Salt

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We stand behind our salt as a quality product and are happy to ship you a sample or send detailed specifications. Please see our bulk salt and bagged salt pages for more detailed information.

Overview of our bulk rock salt:

  • Average Particle Size is 3.7 millimeters

  • Typical moisture is a low .04%, with a range of .02 to .07 %

  • Sodium ferrocyanide added as an anticaking agent

  • 100% Mined rock salt, not solar salt